Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

The computer desk market is dominated by an overwhelming presence of workstations that serve as makeshift gaming desks. Rarely do you come across a computer desk that is specifically built for gaming purposes such as the Atlantic Gaming Desk.

Snapshot Overview


It is common for gaming desks to be between $75-$175. Therefore, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is well priced.


In terms of visual appeal, the overall design of the product is fine, but not something that anyone would label as outstanding.


The steel rod construction is a prime example of the state of the art, high-quality materials with which this gaming desk was made.


With more than 500 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.5, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming desks in the market.

Features of the Atlantic Gaming Desk

The casual consumers may not find much of a difference between an ordinary computer desk and an optimized gaming desk. However, gamers are very well aware of how unique the features of a gaming desk can be. The manufacturers of the Atlantic Gaming Desk have left out certain conventional features in order to make this gaming desk more ideal for prolonged gaming sessions. By taking a look at the specifications, you will have a better understanding of why so many people are replacing their home computer desks with the Atlantic Gaming Desk.


The manner in which this gaming desk has been constructed is anything but ordinary. The first thing that will catch your attention is the impeccable steel rod construction the Atlantic Gaming Desk. The presence of the steel makes the desk sturdy and makes up most of its mass. From a distance, the desk may look simple, plain and drab. However, upon closer observation, you will realize that the manufacturers left no stone unturned in providing the gamers with all the features that they could crave for such as the charging station, the speaker trays, sturdy monitor stand, table-top reinforcement bar, 2 controller hooks, rear power- strip holder, game storage rack, headphone hook and a cup holder. In addition to the steel tubing, the desk contains materials made of PVC, plastic and medium density fiberboard.

Desktop Finish

Usually, there is not much to remark on the desktop of a gaming desk, but the Atlantic Gaming Desk compels reviewers to make an exception. The silver metallic steel and the carbon fiber finish is a sight to behold. This finish was not only meant to the please the eyes but also provide a smooth surface that is least vulnerable to scratches and damage.

Dimensions and Colour

For something that is made out of steel, the product is pretty lightweight at 43.6 pounds. The dimensions of the Atlantic Gaming Desk are 50 x 40.2 x 26.5 inches. This gaming desk is currently available in an attractive and stylish black colour.

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Pros of the Atlantic Gaming Desk

You do not even have to use the Atlantic Gaming Desk to discover some of its advantages. Just by taking a look at it, you can have a clear idea of how this desk can make your gaming sessions at home much more enjoyable.

Bonus Features for Gamers

The most attractive feature of the Atlantic Gaming Desk is the fact that it contains specific components that were placed in there exclusively for gaming purposes. For example, you have the 2 controller hooks, the game storage rack, the headphone hook and the rear power strip holder which will make your life a lot easier when you are playing your favourite games.

Integrated Cup Holder to Quench Thirst

The cup holder is something that you can make great use of. It is an example of how attention to small details, such as the need to quench thirst during gaming, can accentuate the usefulness of a gaming desk. During those long nights when you are competing with your friends or arch enemies online, you wish you didn’t have to leave your seat to grab a drink from the refrigerator. The integrated cup holder will solve that problem for you.

Handy Storage Drawer

A lot of the optimized gaming desks in the market do not come with storage drawers. This is not the case with the Atlantic Gaming Desk. It may not have the most spacious storage drawer, but it is certainly something that will come in handy.

Steel Construction for High-End Durability

The notion that you have to pay a very high price to obtain durable products is a myth. At the price of just $112, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a solid steel constructed product that will last a very long time. You can expect high-end durability from this gaming desk, which makes it a bang for buck product since you do not have to worry about getting it fixed or replaced from time to time.

Cable Management System

It is a well-known fact that a lot of the computer desks in the market have very poor wiring arrangement. Unlike those products, the Atlantic Desk offers a fantastic cable management system. Connecting your computer and other electronic accessories to the power source should be a piece of cake.

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Cons of the Atlantic Gaming Desk

As good as the Atlantic Gaming Desk sounds on paper, it falls short of perfection. In fact, certain features of this gaming desk are a big turn off for the consumers who were expecting a lot more from the manufacturers.

Lack of Stability

Despite the fact that the manufacturers of the Atlantic Gaming Desk have clearly highlighted the use of steel tubing, it still remains quite a wobbly gaming desk. This lack of stability can be attributed to the faulty feet of the desk, which are a little too small to provide a decent level of steadiness.

Difficult Assembly

If you are the kind of person who does not have the time or the patience to spend an hour assembling a product, then you might want to reconsider purchasing the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Unless you are equipped with a screw gun, assembling this product will be a pain in the back for you.

Customer Thoughts on the Atlantic Gaming Desk

atlantic gaming desk reviewYou will find an endless stream of positive comments about the Atlantic Gaming Desk on online review platforms. The buyers really seem very satisfied with their purchase and have been able to make the best use of this desk’s highly commendable functionality. Although not everybody is praising the appearance or the design, the construction quality and the optimized gaming features are receiving their due applause.

“It’s like the iPhone of desks; simple, elegant and beautiful,” are the words that Eric Assmus used to describe the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Indeed, the simplicity of this gaming desk has won the hearts of hundreds of buyers on Amazon.

On the negative end of the spectrum, most users found the assembly of this product inconvenient, with some of them having to resort to a professional service to get the setup complete. The lack of stability was also a major issue among most buyers, which put questions marks over the Atlantic Gaming Desk’s ability to withstand heavy duty use.

Similar Products to the Atlantic Gaming Desk

If you would like to explore more and expand your field of choice before purchasing the Atlantic Gaming Desk, then here are three products to begin your search with:

The Coaster Peel Black Computer Desk offers a very high degree of stability that is not to be found in the Atlantic Gaming Desk. 

The Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk costs less than the Atlantic Gaming Desk and comes with a spacious pull-out keyboard.

The Sauder Camden County Computer Desk overshadows the Atlantic Gaming Desk in terms of appearance, storage capacity and design.

Fortress Gaming’s Final Review

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a very popular choice owing to the fact that it was designed specifically for gaming. The bonus gaming features included in this desk are not to be found in most of the computer desks in the market. The appreciable wiring arrangement also gives this product the nod ahead of so many others in its price range. That being said, the inconvenient assembly and the lack of stability in this desk are defects that are very hard to ignore.

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