How to Choose the Best Game TV Stand Design for You

When you are seriously into gaming, you need to have a place where you can have all of your gear completely accessible, and where you can play to your heart’s content. For many, this place is in front of a gaming TV stand. In addition to holding all of your games and other gear, there will be plenty of room for large, flat panel televisions, and depending on the size and shape, dual monitors for multiple monitor gaming experiences. So, how do you choose the best game TV stand design for you? Read on to learn more.

The Two Most Important Considerations

There are two things that you need to think about before you can start looking at the various gaming TV stand desks available. The first is your television. If you have a 60-inch television, you are obviously not going to be looking at desks that are made to accommodate smaller models. The stand you choose must support the size and weight of the television. You can choose from a smaller stand, or one that is a complete entertainment and gaming center for your living room.

The next thing to consider is the room the stand is going to be in. The gaming TV stand should not be so large that it is going to overpower the room, while at the same time being large enough to accommodate all of your gaming gear. You also need to look at the shape of the room. If there are short walls, you may want to consider getting a narrow unit, or even a corner unit. The style of the room is also important. A modern stand is not going to look right in a room that is filled with antiques, so you need to consider the décor in the room.

The Next Consideration

Now, you need to take a look at the various types of gaming TV stands that are available. These include:

  • Cantilever – This is a unit that has a floor base, and the television is mounted on a spine that comes up from the back of the unit. This is a great style for rooms that see a lot of traffic. The television is mounted right to it, so there is no chance of it being knocked over.
  • Corner – If you have a small room, a corner TV stand is a good option. Often, corners are negative space that isn’t utilized. A gaming station in this area is perfect, and corner units are ideal for small apartments.
  • Hideaway – This is a motorized stand that lets you hide the television when you aren’t using it. The biggest problem with buying one of these stands is that they tend to be quite expensive.
  • TV Wall Mount – Some people are minimalists, and don’t want large pieces of furniture. If you are a minimalist, a wall mount is a great option for you. No floor space is used, and you can mount the unit so the television is at the best viewing level. These need to be mounted on studs to ensure that they will hold the weight of your television and other gaming gear.
  • Entertainment Center – Often, gaming is done right in the living room. For those who don’t want a desk in the main room of their home, an entertainment center is a good choice. You can use it as a gaming center, but it is an attractive piece of furniture, and there are styles to match any décor.
  • Platform – This type of gaming TV stand has no backs, sides, or walls, and your television will look like it is floating. This is a great option for those who are into modern and futuristic décor.

Other Things to Consider

Other things that you should consider when shopping for a gaming TV stand include:

  • Budget – There are many different manufacturers and models, so you are sure to find what you need at a price you can afford.
  • Assembly – If the piece is to be assembled upon delivery, make sure that it is one that is easy to assemble, and comes with all of the hardware and instructions you will need.

Wrapping Up How to Choose the Best Game TV Stand

Your gaming TV stand is likely going to be a focal point no matter what room it is in. Make sure that you take your time and shop around to get one that meets all of your specifications. There are several places where you can shop for your new stand, including websites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as brick and mortar stores.

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