Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk Review

Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk Review

Finding a moderately priced corner desk is not easy these days. You’d want one that is durable, strong, attractive and functional but doesn’t break the bank. Fortunately for you, the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk is an elegant looking piece of furniture that will not bust your budget. Whether you need a desk to suit your gaming needs or to complete your assignments on, this desk will provide you enough surface area and storage space.

With its sophisticated design, the desk adds elegance to your room and provides useful storage. The desk comes with two adjustable shelves at its end that can be used to store anything, from electronics to books and discs. The desk is complete with holes in the back of the shelving so your cables don’t run loose and the surface space is wide enough to fit two monitors.

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Most customers were extremely pleased with the fact they did not have to spend a fortune for an elegant and efficient piece of furniture. The desk is worth every penny and does not break the bank.


The desk is designed to help you save valuable space and comes with two adjustable shelves for added storage.


Most of the customers were pleased to purchase this furniture as it was strong and sturdy when assembled and could handle a number of gaming consoles.


A majority of customers who bought this desk gave it a rating of 5/5 stars. Most customers were pleased with their product and had great trust in the manufacturer for providing them a product of such great quality.

Features of the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk

The Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk has many features that make it the ideal gaming desk. The desk comes with two adjustable shelves that provide ample storage space. The shelves can be assembled and fit on both ends of the desk. A great advantage of an adjustable shelf is you can adjust the height of the shelves according to your requirements. On the shelves, you can place anything, from electronics to discs. The ideal things to store would be a pair of slim speakers for your gaming system.

The Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk can be used as the perfect computer gaming desk or a workstation for you to catch up on your work. The desk surface is 23.4” long and wide enough to fit two computer screens for your gaming requirements. The sleek corner design allows you to save a lot of space in your living room, without creating clutter. While the desk is of a moderate size, it offers sufficient legroom that provides a lot of space for your legs. Our friends in wheelchairs would be pleased to know this desk would be incredibly comfortable for them to use as well. The considerable legroom makes the desk comfortable to use for long hours without any leg cramps or aches.

If you are tired of dealing with ugly wires running loose, you will be pleased to know the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk has holes through which wires can be pulled through. This allows you to place your gadgets on the desk without creating any wire clutter. From printers to small lamps, connecting your gadgets will no longer be an issue for you.

Pros of the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk

There are many good things that can be said about the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk. Let’s start with its size and affordability.

Size: The Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk comes in a convenient size that allows you to fit it in small corners. It is not just a gaming desk but can be used as a study table as well without taking up much space. For its incredibly modest price, the desk is worth every penny. It can fit perfectly in any room regardless of size and it will hardly cost you $100.

Appearance: The sleek and stylish desk design adds elegance to your room. Although the desk is not made of wood, it has a smooth and sophisticated finishing that perks up your room. The desk is sturdy but lightweight and is easy to move around and assemble as well.

Easy to Assemble: Many customers were pleased to find the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk only took half an hour to assemble, at most. The instructions are clear and provide a step to step process for assembling the product. All you need is a hammer and a screwdriver. The desk is as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble so you can easy pack it up if you are moving or need to use the extra space.

Spacious: if you do not want a desk that will take up all your room space, the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk is the perfect option for you, as it is spacious and provides ample storage space. For a small desk, you get enough shelf space to store your CDs and other accessories.

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Cons of the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk

Material: Many customers were not pleased with the fact the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk isn’t made from wood. Although the sleek and sturdy design of the desk gives it an elegant look, consumers looking for wooden desks would be disappointed to find this one isn’t quite the perfect fit.

Not A 90-Degree Corner Desk: Many consumers raised an issue that despite being a small corner desk, it does not fit at a 90-degree angle. The rather angular corners make it unsuitable for corners, hence many customers had to resort to setting up their desks in a different room than they had planned.

Cardboard Shelf Backs: Another aspect of the desk that consumers were not pleased about was the fact the shelf backs were made of cardboard. While the shelves can easily be hidden from view if the desk is placed in a corner, the flimsy shelves are quite noticeable when placed in full view. It is advisable you remove the shelves if you are worried about them ruining the overall appearance of the desk.

Shallow Shelves: The shelves are ideal for storing books and small speakers. However, they are not suitable for wide and heavy gadgets.

Customer Thoughts on the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk

Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk ReviewThe Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk mostly gained 5-star reviews from buyers on Amazon because of its reasonable price and convenient size. People were happy with the elegant design and the ample storage space the desk provided for its size. Furthermore, people were genuinely happy with the customer service and pleased to find out the desk is easy to assemble.

As for the negative reviews, some people found the quality of material unflattering and were displeased the desk could not be placed at a 90-degree angle, making it unsuitable for corners. However, considering the extremely reasonable price of the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk, most people were genuinely satisfied with it and had no issues concerning size and storage space.

Similar Products to the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk

If you are looking for products similar to the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk in the same price range, here are a few alternatives you can check out.

Cabot Collection Corner Desk – As many people were eager to find a desk that would fit perfectly in every corner, this desk has an exact 90-degree corner for the perfect fit.

Coaster Home Furnishings Desk Set – If you are looking for a desk with sufficient shelf space to fit all your heavy electronics, this is the perfect desk for you.

Treble Studio Edge Writing Desk with Bookcase – This desk provides you the perfect fit and can be placed in any corner of your room.

Fortress Gaming’s Final Review

The Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk is a perfect budget-friendly desk you can fit in almost anywhere in your room because of its convenient size. For its reasonable price, there is not much to complain about. The desk is strong, sturdy, and durable and will last you a long time so as long as you are careful not to overburden its shelves with heavy items, you can rest assured you won’t need a new desk for many years.

It is a great looking desk, with a nice, even finishing, making it the perfect desk for your gaming system, dorm room or a small home office.

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