Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish) Review

Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish) Review

Setting up a gaming station involves a lot more than just putting a computer on a table. You need to have a good quality desk that has plenty of surface area and storage space, and that is going to fit in with the décor in the rest of your home. One option to consider is the Sauder Computer Desk with a brushed maple finish. It has a slide-out keyboard shelf, a CPU cabinet, a drawer for accessories, and a drawer for hanging files, and is ideal for anyone who needs a desk but doesn’t have a lot of space.

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Compared to other similar computer desks from other manufacturers that can cost upwards of $200, this Sauder desk is very reasonably priced at less than $180.


The Sauder computer desk is small in size, but designed to have plenty of space for all of your home office or study needs. It has plenty of storage space, and it has an simplistic yet attractive design.


Customer reviews on the quality of the Sauder computer desk with brushed maple finish are mainly positive. The biggest complaint is there is some particle board instead of wood.


Overall, this Sauder desk seems to be popular for home office use, both because of its sturdiness and for the price. It is also popular because it is a nice looking desk that looks great in many decorating schemes.

Features of the Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish)

This computer gaming desk is ideal for any setting. One feature that really makes this desk stand out is the location of the cord holes. Instead of being on the back, there is one hole right behind the area for the monitor, and two holes on the side of the desk. This design allows this desk to be placed directly against a wall without crimping your computer cables, making it a space-saving desk that is perfect for small spaces. It is small enough to use in a small home office space, and it can easily fit in a dorm room.
The brushed maple finish offers an antique look, and the design is similar to desks in the art deco style that will look great with any décor. You can use this desk in any room, including the living room, and it won’t look out of place.
Even though it is a small desk, the Sauder computer gaming desk with brushed maple finish is large enough to accommodate all of your office or study needs. The surface area is 59.4 X 23.5”, giving you plenty of space for your monitor, accessories, books, and more. There are also storage areas for more accessories and files, and you can hang both standard and legal-sized files in the hanging file section. The slide-out keyboard shelf allows you to sit comfortably while working, and there is plenty of space for your chair.
Other similarly-priced desks are not made of the same high-quality materials that this Sauder desk is made of. While there are some parts that are made of pressboard, this desk is constructed mainly of quality wood, and it is built to last. There are some complaints about the quality of the wood (the particle board sections), but otherwise, customers are happy with the design and durability.

Pros of the Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish)

Several things come together to make the Sauder computer desk with brushed maple finish an excellent choice for home, dorm, or office use.

Size: First of all, this is a desk that is large enough for your computer setup and accessories, and it has plenty of storage space in the form of drawers. At the same time, it is small in stature, and can be used even in small spaces such as dorm rooms. Many people are choosing this for their gaming station because it has all the space they need without taking up too much space.

Design: The design is popular due to the inclusion of holes in the back for wire management and the ability to place the desk flush against a wall. This is not a feature that other desks can boast about.

Ease of Assembly: Many customers say that they love that this desk is easy to assemble. While it may look overwhelming at first when all of the pieces are laid out on the floor, most say that they have it assembled in a couple of hours or less and are using it the same day that it is delivered. The instructions are very detailed, yet easy for anyone to read and understand. All you need to put this Sauder computer desk together is a bit of spare time, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

USA Made: Another thing that customers love about this desk is that it is made in the United States, and it is made from above-average materials. This is a quality product that is made from a combination of the best hard and soft woods, and these materials are also from the United States. For many, this is a huge selling point, because customers know that their dollars are staying here and that they are supporting their own economy instead of seeing their money going to foreign companies.

Durability: This office computer desk is unlike a lot of other similar desks from other manufacturers, because of the materials used. It is built to last, and even if you move around a lot, it is not going to end up falling apart because it has been disassembled and reassembled many times. You are going to have a quality piece of furniture that is going to be around for many years to come. If this is for a university student, there will be no reason for them to not be using it for four or more years.

Cons of the Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish)

Just because this is a great desk, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some customer complaints. For instance, some have complained that the screw holes don’t always line up, thereby making assembly somewhat difficult.

Materials: Other customers have stated that they aren’t impressed that the woods used are actually a combination of woods in pressboard, even though this is a sturdy piece of furniture. Another design complaint is with the drawers. Some have said that they don’t align well, making them hard to open and close.

Shipping: One of the biggest complaints isn’t actually with this Sauder gaming desk itself, but with the condition it arrives in after shipping. Some customers have complained that the desk has arrived with chips, scratches, and cracks. They’ve also stated that there is hardware missing to complete the assembly. Luckily, a call to the customer service department was all it took to solve these problems and get the missing hardware sent out.

Customer Thoughts on the Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish)

Sauder Computer Desk, Brushed Maple FinishAll in all, the majority of customers say that they are pleased with this Sauder computer desk, and the reviews they are giving on Amazon are nearly four-star. The main thing that they said they like about this desk is the fact that it is big on space and small in size. It can be used anywhere, and offers enough storage space for computer accessories and paperwork, as well as surface space for a monitor, printer, and more. The fact that it can be placed right against a wall is a definite bonus, and most people say that it is relatively easy to assemble with only a couple of tools.

This Sauder desk is sturdy and well-built, and customers have said that they love the fact that it costs less than $200. Some have stated that they have purchased this desk specifically for their kids who are away in college, and they expect it to last for the duration of their studies (and of course, their gaming).

Of course, with any product, there are going to be some complaints, and it is no different with this desk with file drawer. Some customers say that they are unhappy with the materials used, and the fact that they can scratch and chip easily. Another complaint is that the drawers don’t always align properly.

Similar Products to the Sauder Computer Desk (Brushed Maple Finish)

When making any purchase, it is always a good idea to shop around. For instance, this Sauder computer desk may not have all of the features you are looking for. If you want something that has more storage space, including extra drawers and even shelves attached to the top of the desk, you may want to check out the following desks from other manufacturers:

Home Style 5180-18 Arts and Crafts Double Pedestal Desk, Cottage Oak Finish – When you need lots of drawers for files, gaming accessories, etc., this desk has what you need.

Barton Collection All In One Technology Support Workcenter – Have room for two monitors, plus storage for other gaming accessories.

Better Homes and Gardens Desk, Abby Oak, Multi-Purpose Work Station – This is great for small gaming setups, and there is room for more than one monitor.

Fortress Gaming’s Final Review

All in all, if you are looking for a computer desk that is compact and budget-friendly, the Sauder computer desk with brushed maple finish is an option to seriously consider. Whether you plan to use it in a home office or send it off to college for four years, you know that you are getting a piece of furniture that is durable, not to mention attractive. It is designed so you can sit comfortably to work, with the keyboard tray being at an ergonomically correct level.

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