Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

It is quite hard to enjoy your gaming sessions when you are using an old fashioned and outdated computer desk. Sometimes, the presence of a modern computer desk like the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk can really uplift your mood and breathe life into your gaming activities.

Snapshot Overview


Not a lot of gamers are willing to pay over $225 for a computer desk. Thus, the price is an issue here.


The manufacturers have made sure that the desk looks like a $200+ product by incorporating a classy, yet contemporary design.


If you have an affinity for wooden furniture, then the construction quality of this Whalen Desk will definitely impress you.


The hefty price tag somewhat restricts the popularity of this desk as it only has slightly over 60 customer reviews on Amazon.

Features of the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

Consumers nowadays have lofty demands, and the manufacturers of the Whalen Furniture L-Shape Computer Desk have tried their best to keep up with the high expectations of their clients. It is in a sense a premium product which was designed to look and function better than most of the other computer desks in the market. The notable features of this computer desk exude elegance and sophistication. By looking at the features, you can get the impression that the manufacturers have made a sincere attempt to make this l-shaped computer desk stand out among the crowd.

Colour and Dimensions: The colour combination in this computer desk is quite spectacular to say the least. The black tempered glass worktop perfectly complements the rich brown wooden support. The creators have played with the colours in a way that makes the desk look very modish and contemporary at the same time. It is definitely an attention getter. As far as the product dimensions are concerned, you are getting a 60 x 61 x 30 inches desk after assembly. The overall weight of the product is 83.8 lbs, which is quite impressive given the fact that it is crafted with wood.

Construction and Quality: The beautiful wood legs are balanced and strengthened with metal supports. This gives you a small idea of how fine the construction of this desk really is. The black tempered glass worktop gives the desk the contemporary touch it needs to look like the work of a modern day craftsman. It is quite obvious that the manufacturers put a lot of thought into the construction of this desk. Instead of using a myriad of materials, they stuck with 3 or four simple elements that have worked really well together. The manufacturing expertise of Whalen Furniture definitely shines through in this product.

L-Shaped Design: There are quite a few computer desks in the market that have the l-shaped design. However, the visual appeal of those pales in comparison to that of the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk. There is a sense of perfection about its l-shaped design that can hardly be found elsewhere.

Pros of the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

Whalen Furniture is not in the furniture business to make a fast buck. They are here to establish their superiority over the other brands. This is made quite evident by their attention to detail and their strong emphasis on maintaining a high standard of quality.

Use of High-Quality Materials: The Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk is the kind of product that reaffirms the belief that paying more makes a big difference. The quality of the materials used in its construction is simply immaculate. This is something that you cannot avail when purchasing products that are below the $150 range. The legs are made of real wood and have a captivating dark cherry finish. The frame of the desk has been crafted with state of the art steel and has been smeared with flat black powder coat. The very mention of these exquisite materials makes the desk sound like a deluxe product.

Ample Desk Space: The l-shaped design is something that simply cannot go wrong. This is a design that a lot of desk manufacturers are incorporating into their products to increase the amount of desktop space on offer. Users require ample space during their gaming sessions. Being crammed for space makes the whole gaming experience very uncomfortable and somewhat agitating. There is also a strong demand for desks that can easily accommodate multiple monitors and laptops without gamers having to worry about their devices falling off the desktop. The l-shaped design in the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk is perfect and will be highly appreciated by any gamer who is looking for a furniture that can hold multiple electronic devices.

Ease of Assembly: The ease of assembly is a very important factor when it comes to making or breaking the success of a computer desk. In this case, the Whalen Furniture Computer Desk has delivered very well. It only takes about 50 minutes to assemble the entire piece of furniture as the instructions are crystal clear and each component of the product is properly labelled.

Cons of the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

The price is not the only issue with the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk. There are two obvious flaws in the product that users have pointed out over and over again. Let’s take a look at them:

No Keyboard Trays: It is quite silly for a computer desk that is priced above $200 to not have a keyboard tray. The keyboard tray is a very essential part of any computer desk. When you are paying $200+ for a product, you shouldn’t have to come up with your own makeshift keyboard tray to continue playing your games.

Poor Wiring Arrangement: This is another mistake that the users did not expect the people at Whalen Furniture to make. Gamers will have a pretty torrid time hiding the wires and cables from all their computer and gaming devices when using this l-shaped modern furniture. Unless you have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, this desk’s aesthetic appeal will be dented by the unwanted presence of disorderly wires.

Customer Thoughts on the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk ReviewAlthough the product page on Amazon has failed to generate a huge number of reviews, users who did express their opinions had a lot of comments to make about the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk. To begin with, the incredible construction and use of high-quality materials was unanimously appreciated. As one verified Amazon customer said, “Once you see it, you will think that it should have been more expensive.” The design of this computer desk was next in line for approval from the audience. Most reviewers made really positive remarks about the sophisticated and elegant appearance of this computer desk. The ease of assembly was another thing that the reviewers made particular mention of.

On the flipside of the coin, the poor wiring arrangement bothered a good number of the users. The absence of the keyboard tray left dozens of reviewers confused and disappointed. The 70+ lbs box was another issue that a few of the users talked about in their reviews.

Similar Products to the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk

If you do not want to spend $200+ on this product, then you could check out the following inexpensive alternatives:

The Flash Furniture Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk has self levelling floor guides which is a very exciting and unique feature.

The Flash Furniture Laminated L-Shaped Desk with 3 Drawer Pedestal has additional storage compartments where you can store your game covers.

The Studio Designs Futura LS Workcenter offers enhanced stability.

Fortress Gaming’s Final Review

Buying a premium product like the Whalen Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk is a completely different shopping experience altogether. There are a lot of elements in this desk that are worthy of earning your praise. Good looks are not all that there is to it. The fine construction and use of high-quality materials makes it an extraordinary product in a market filled with mediocre computer desks. As a gamer, there is plenty of space for you to exploit with this desk. If you can somehow modify the desk to add a keyboard and manage the exposed cables, then you will have a fantastic piece of furniture in your possession.

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