Z-Line Claremont Desk Review

Z-Line Claremont Desk Review

A bold contemporary style, characterized by beautiful curves, is what a lot of people desire in their gaming desks. This is exactly what you will get with the Z-Line Claremont Desk.

Snapshot Overview


At over $150, it is not exactly the cheapest product in its category.


There can hardly be any complaints about its highly attractive appearance, which is one of the main reasons why people buy this product.


As a product of the country’s leading import manufacturer, it comes as no surprise that the Z-Line Claremont Desk offers supreme quality.


With more than 190 Amazon reviews and an Amazon rating of well above 4 stars, this computer desk can be dubbed as a pretty popular commodity in the gaming community.

Features of the Z-Line Claremont Desk

Z-Line Designs takes particular care in making sure that its modern gaming desks are loaded with all the features that would get the consumers excited about buying one of its products. This contemporary desk has been designed to stand head and shoulders above all the other generic products in the market and outshine similar products in its price range.

Dimensions and Colour: The Z-Line Claremont Desk is a pretty decently sized modern computer desk that has dimensions of 24 x 47 x 30 inches. It is not among the heaviest or the lightest computer desks in the market and weighs in at 46.5 lbs. The desk is covered with a thin layer of real wood that has a magnificent mocha finish which exudes black and silver accents.

Construction and Quality: The core material with which the desktop of the Z-Line Claremont has been built is glass. It is worth noting that the manufacturers did not use any ordinary glass. They used 6mm of smoked tempered safety glass. The remaining components of the desk have been built with high-quality metal and wood. The presence of the chrome cylinder glass supports further enhances the contemporary look of this computer desk.

Spacious Pull-Out Keyboard Tray: The desk comes with a pull-out keyboard tray that is quite spacious compared to pull-out trays in other similar desks. Just by reading through these specifications, one can understand the amount of effort and resources that have gone into the creation of this state of the art contemporary gaming desk.

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Pros of the Z-Line Claremont Desk

There are a plethora of benefits that you can derive by buying the Z-Line Claremont Desk. This is pretty much how most Z-Line Designs products are manufactured. They are built and designed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. As is the case with most Z-Line Designs products, the pros of buying and using the Z-Line Claremont Desk will most certainly instil an urge in you to get your old gaming desk replaced with this exquisite product. The following are some of the reasons why gamers are bringing home the Z-Line Claremont Desk:

Fabulous Design to Satisfy Style Seekers: The Z-Line Claremont Desk immediately grabs the attention of the shoppers with its stunning visual appearance. There are very few computer desks, even fancy gaming desks, in the market that have an appearance as mesmerizing as the one that the Z-Line Claremont possesses. Each and every single component of this computer desk was designed to satisfy the contemporary taste of modern day gamers. Any buyer of this product would want his or her guests at home or co-workers in the office to check out this marvellous piece of furniture.

Neat Construction Work that Pleases the Eye: The overall construction of the desk is pretty solid and will make you feel as if you are using a much more expensive desk than one that is priced at $165. The quality of the materials used to construct this computer desk is quite commendable as well. From a technical standpoint, there are not too many flaws that you can detect in this product. For example, the glass top of the desk screws securely and smoothly to the frame. In other similar products, suction cups are used to attach the glass top with the frame. Needless to say, glass tops attached with suction cups are not very stable and can disrupt your gaming.

Spacious Desk for Comfortable Gaming: As far as user comfort and convenience is concerned, Z-Line Designs made no compromises when crafting this beautiful desk. This state of the art computer desk offers a spacious station for gaming. You can play your favorite games freely and not have to worry about being cramped for space as there is plenty of leg room underneath.

Maximum Stability for Uninterrupted Gaming: Unlike a lot of other pricey gaming desks that fail to provide sufficient stability, the Z-Line Claremont Desk is as sturdy as they come. Even if you get a little overzealous while playing and bump it against the wall, it will not become unstable. 

Cons of the Z-Line Claremont Desk

Even though this looks absolutely gorgeous and offers a heightened sense of comfort, it is not without its fair share of flaws and defects. Here are some of the potential cons of buying the Z-Line Claremont Desk:

Lengthy Assembly Time: This gaming desk does not come to your home pre-assembled. Users have to manually put the components together to form the Z-Line Claremont Desk, which can turn out to be a nuisance because it is not at all easy to assemble this desk. If you are not careful, you may end up breaking the desk while forcing the pieces to fit together. Rest assured, it will take you an awfully long time to assemble this desk before you can commence your gaming sessions.

Faulty Keyboard Tray: The keyboard tray, although enormous, does not function very smoothly. The sliding in and sliding out movement of the keyboard tray is flawed. This can perhaps be attributed to the mediocre material with which the keyboard tray was made.

Customer Thoughts on the Z-Line Claremont Desk

Z-Line Claremont Desk ReviewReviews of the Z-Line Claremont Desk on the internet are usually filled with words of approval and praise from satisfied customers. Buyers of this modern computer desk are thoroughly impressed with its extraordinary visual appeal.

“This desk is even more attractive in person than it is online,” said a verified Amazon buyer named C. Gregory.

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Most customers were pleased with its sturdy build and its overall construction. According to the users, playing games for long hours at this desk made them feel comfortable and allowed them to thoroughly enjoy their gaming sessions. People also had a lot to say about the seamless mocha finish and the presence of an exquisite real wood layer, two features that greatly enhance the elegance of this modern computer desk.  

On the flipside, there were widespread complaints about the difficulty in assembly and the faulty keyboard tray. These problems bothered the buyers quite a bit and even compelled certain reviewers to remark that the Z-Line Claremont Desk was not worth its price tag.

Fortress Gaming’s Final Review

It would not be wrong to say that the Z-Line Claremont Desk is a one of a kind product in terms of design and aesthetic appeal. It is the perfect modern computer desk for people who prefer style above everything else. In addition to its impressive appearance, the Z-Line Claremont Desk offers a decent amount of user comfort and impeccable stability which are extremely necessary during gaming sessions.

Given the fact that there are other more reasonably priced products in the market that have better overall features, it would be fair to say that the Z-Line Claremont Desk is not exactly a must-have gaming desk, but it certainly is a great desk for those looking for a stylish.

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